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March 27, 2022 - Cincinnati Business Courier

REVIEW: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's ‘Symphonie fantastique’ electrifies

by Janelle Gelfand

"Louis Langrée, music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, has been making up for lost time. Because the pandemic postponed the performances of so many premieres, this season has had an abundance of them. On Friday night, Langrée opened with the CSO’s premiere of “Herald, Holler and Hallelujah!” by jazz great Wynton Marsalis. The program’s centerpiece was the world premiere of “Nine Mothers,” an engaging work by Kinds of Kings, a composer collective."


21 January 2021 - University of Chicago Arts

ASCI Profile: Maria Kaoutzani

by Naomi Blumberg

"A member of the 2020-21 cohort of the Arts, Science + Culture Initiative Graduate Fellows, Maria Kaoutzani is a fourth-year PhD candidate in music composition. We talked about her academic research, composing music as part of a collective, and what it’s like to be working in a field that relies so heavily on having a live audience when there are none to be had now or for the foreseeable future."


6 November 2019 - I Care If You Listen

~Nois Celebrates Music by Kinds of Kings at Roulette

by Aaron Wolff

"A shore to a shore by Maria Kaoutzani sounded like old, rusty machines being run by ghosts, or ~Nois speaking softly in tongues (as saxophones quartets literally do). Breaking through the murmuring microtonal texture, multi-phonics (pitches split into a rainbow of frequencies) appear like sunlight on the surface of a dark, cold and unknown planet. Melismatic material gives way to a chant theme: a rewarding and yet uneasy closure."

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17 October 2019 - The New Yorker

Desdemona Quartet

by Aaron Wolff

"Any composers’ collective is meant to bolster and sustain the voices of its individual constituents. For the members of Kinds of Kings—Susanna Hancock, Emma O’Halloran, Shelley Washington, Finola Merivale, Maria Kaoutzani, and Gemma Peacocke, distinguished young creators who work in diverse styles—strength in numbers also amplifies their mission of providing visible, vocal support to composers who are underrepresented in conventional concert-music life because of their gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. The collective’s first joint presentation in New York features this excellent young quartet, in works inspired by mortality, race, and the historical marginalization of women."

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25 February 2018 - The Movers and Makers Podcast

Ep. 2: Maria Kaoutzani, Composer

by Michal Massoud

"Portrait Interview of Maria Kaoutzani, Cypriot composer currently based in Chicago, IL. Music played during the episode:

1. Conversation (performed by Ruth Wenger)

2. Speak, Mind (performed by Imani Winds)

3. Jaune Doré (performed by Spektral Quartet)

4. At Night I Hear Them (performed by Longleash Trio)

5. Adder (performed by Amalgama)"

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